Bounce House Questions

Frequently Asked Bounce House Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked bounce house questions. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gives you a little more information about how we do business and what you can expect when you book with us. Want to hear more? Give us a call today! 313-349-3359



How much does a bouncy house rental cost?

bounce house questions to ask

The cost of your inflatable rental will depend on a few factor: the size of the moonwalk rental and the length

of time you’ll rent the bounce house. For instance, a small moonwalk rental for 3 hours will cost significantly less than a larger, more intricate obstacle course inflatable rental or inflatable bounce house with slide combo. Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rental has a variety of sizes and styles of inflatable rentals to accommodate your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking for a standard bounce house rental for a short event, or a larger bounce house slide combo, or anything in between, Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rentals is ready to serve! Give us a call today to secure your bounce castle rental. 313-349-3359


Do you accept credit cards?



I’m ready to reserve my bounce house rental…now what??

Give us a call now! Bouncy castle rentals are extremely popular, so you’ll want to secure your moonwalk rental as soon as possible to get your desired date. Here’s what to expect: When you call us, we’ll ask about your event’s date, time, and location to ensure we have inventory available for your date. We’ll ask about the style and size of your desired bouncy castle rental. Our inventory is always changing, so we’ll take this opportunity to share with you the specific colors, sizes, and styles available for your event date. Once you’ve decided which of our affordable and fun inflatable party rentals you want, we’ll ask for a small deposit to secure your date. The deposit can be made by major credit card. By the day of your event, you’ll pay the balance for your bouncy castle rental. 313-349-3359



Man giving thumbs up sign because Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rentals is insured.Are you insured?

Yes, we are. Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rentals partners are professional inflatable party rentals companies. Some public venues and parks require event hosts to secure insurance when they use bounce house rentals to protect them from risk of injury. No worries, we are insured! When you call to reserve your inflatable rentals, we’ll give you the information you’ll need to provide the park or venue. Call us today to discuss further. 313-349-3359


Can I use the inflatable rental for an indoor event?

One of the bounce house questions we get frequently is, “Can I use my inflatable rental inside?”  It depends on the size of the venue. For safety and comfort, it’s preferable to set your bouncy house rental up in a flat, wide open space. Please note, we will not set up bounce house rentals on sand, mud, gravel, or other rocky turf, as those types of terrain could cause damage to the inflatable rental and cause unsafe conditions for guests. Feel free to give us a call if you have more specific questions about potential set up challenges for your moonwalk castle rentals. 313-349-3359


Do you provide delivery?

We get this bounce house question often. Yes, Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rentals is happy to offer delivery services to our customers. In fact, our event specialist will deliver the bounce house rental on the day of your event, set it up, and then break it down and pack it up at the conclusion of your event. 313-349-3359


What areas do you serve?

Bouncy Fun Dearborn Bounce House Rentals is proud to serve Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Inkster, Melvindale, Taylor, and Allen Park. Is your event in Detroit? Visit Bounce House Rentals Detroit.



Access to electricity is needed to power your bounce house rentalDo I need electricity for my bouncy castle rental?

Yes, you do. Though moonwalk rentals look like giant balloons, inflatable rentals don’t quite work the same way balloons operate. Bouncy house rentals need a constant power source to work properly (or it won’t stay inflated). This means you will need access to an electrical outlet or a generator. If your event is at a location where you will not have access to electrical outlets, we can provide power for a small additional fee. Call us today to discuss your options. 313-349-3359



If you have more bounce house questions, give us a call! Our specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to bring the fun to your event!

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